Ready to read? I found this email from 2015. I found it after sending the one thereafter most recent…

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 8:22 PM Julia Assmus <> wrote:
I wrote this in 2015…. long before the last emailIt’s all truth And ironically the only person who has nothing to hide is the one who has been labeled a criminal and angry that is the only goddamn person and that’s meI do hope you get my most recent email concerning their attempts to get me for iNtent based on past charges in which I committed one , the 2011 ‘evidence’ (whuch really is none) and the fabrication of search history tying me to such activity and research, etcI will NOT BE ARRESTED FOR A FORM OF DOMESTIC terrorism WHICH HAVE NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (suspected of ?)(I believe th for solicitation of attempted murder is 8 years. So I have three more. As the AG prosecutes the case AJD is already aware of the fact so can’t be lied to by gradually entities collaborating with the illegalities; but Is that another matter; all this happened; each prosecutor threatened by the state not an on my record in order so that I would not be credible I had the sergeant and innumerable officers call me in 2016 offering me plenty of information knowing that if I filed the report then it would not be taken serious now when I call and ask for information there is silence because they know if I file now they are in deep shitDid they think I was an idiot I mean for a moment there I actually thought they were being kind and felt bad for taking part and disabling me but then I realized no it was actually to ensure I filed at a time I wasn’t credible so that if I filed again when I was it wouldn’t even be looked at.They assumed I was on A form of governmental assistance and thereby did not have any fourth amendment rights in place but they were grievously wrong and violated my fourth fifth eighth and ninth repeatedly over those eleven days And then again successfully over a period of nine yearsI’m told the feds pay state employees big bucks to white wash liabilities like meI’m a liability as I can easily evidence an attempted murder whuch traces directly back to the stage and feds and is directly in alignment with their code of actions in such instancesFalsely implicate Falsely incriminate Falsely incarcerated Falsely transfer to federal based on a false felony drug charge which they attempted the year before and such was documented by a JUDGE IN 2014 and in front of five credible witnesses Then if that fails and it rarely doesThey make it so the charges are. Incredibly character to family so you can’t even get a volunteer position then they make it so you cannot a normal charges that you can directly proof weren’t even pressed because each prosecutor is threatened by the state and then if it finally goes before a judge in the record is an old and you are credible to make allegations that will be taken serious that is when you are a major liability and that is why am I after nine years of having outsmarted every goddamn entrapment and that’s the god damn  truthI wouldn’t hold the respect and regard of the state police attorney general if this were not the case nor would I be able to spell out exactly what I have to them the (from 2011 on in short 4 min summary of what happened from 201 on and why ; tho the AG has already been involved as he signs off on all search and seizures and was aware this one went very wrong) the day before to force charges only for those two Foster’s is to be dropped as opposed to me getting charged with any kind of felony perjury so if this is the man who is going to prosecute the case of the attempted solicited Muder and he is already aware of all the instances and legality‘s you better fucking believe they would Assume their asses are on fire. But I wanted to move forward. Until they begin to follow me hack and then invade my privac, phone lines and computersNO WARRANT AS FAR AS I KNOW Lastly they go toDefamation So that when you are finally credible enough to get a job every W-4 form you signed the state nose goes directly to that source defames you and you think I’m gonna be credible over the feds and the state no I’m not going three days every time each time unable to form any connections do the things that are not true and are not in any way a reflection of my person after 10 years of this I can no longer handle it and I need something to be done about itI have become federally disabled in effect of the two car accidents caused in direct effect by state misconduct and the second one was the solicited attempted murder so justice is due. I go to DHMC and I literally have 10 severe medical conditions now in effect of all that happened in the negligence because the police force to find the original report so I could never get proper help DHMC neurologist said seven years later that I almost died on the floor of the Brentwood jail and my brain atrophy to that of an 85-year-old that I now have intractable temporal lobe epilepsy and affect of it and then in 2015 I got whacked again and had the post concussion syndrome on top of that which brought me back negative so you know what I am fucking tiredIf not only for the reason to cement this so that they stop messing in my life and making me always have to fear that I’ll be arrested for life for INTENT I DID NOT HAVE NOR WHAT I did not doI

On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 2:18 PM Julie Assmus <> wrote:
I was unable to report to the authorities who had conspired across five counties within a span of three years because a federal agent who initiated an unwarranted investigation told them to. By means of defamation and otherwise they acted in accordance and for everI write you all Because the crimes committed are by local failed entrapment they would have more to cover.I was wrongly suspected of domestic terrorism and subsequently terrorized for four years after two initially dreadful eventsThe commitmentAnd the accidentI could not report to those directly involved in what was initially Grievous Human rights violations under torturous circumstances for seven days, released with not even an explanation. They found no evidenceAnd as opposed to admit his wrong I suspect he did ‘clean up’ and repeatedly there attempts failedI used social media as a tool to publicize what was happening as a means of protection There are several progressions who believe and know as well what happened as incredulous as it was and still isI am a 36woman declared disabled in effect f the very conditions caused by the ongo State and federal authorities over the span of four years because of by police misconduct and brutality of my disabled person. For over three years Until my eleven day false incarceration last yearThe unwarranted investigation in which the agent was responsible for my being cut from my mere four days prior to being extracted and falsely arrested, transferred twice and detained while they still withheld my medications caused severe distress ax wa the plan. The withdrawal was premeditated as was all else as can be proven by original documents from my psychiatrist who under advisement if this agent told him to cut me off from all ER access for ‘drug seeking’ (as anyone who’d had a heart attack would seek help from a withdrawal literally considered INHUMANE within this country My psychiatrist was also told an insane story  to my parents so they’d commit me (my fiancé was present and saw me only step back and say something like you can’t just do that without warning . He then called the EMTS and demanded they bring me in but they refused bc they found nothing wrong with me. But now withdrawal was inevitable and day four is when it peaked and eight officers came to my door to take me in cuffs hands and feet to interrogate me for two days and nights before transferring me again. I recall begging the officers who were suspicious of these ‘other’ men (agents?), to please be the ones to transfer me as opposed to have me go in that black SUV. There was something very wrong as my parents Walked away. I didn’t react or wasn’t provoked as they’d hoped a I was put on level one instead of where they could likely pursue more interrogative techniques. My psych had formerly worked here and had Full access. I was beyond terrified. My psych was also told by the agent to contact PCP to tell her under no circumstances to respons to me so after my car accident caused by police brutality (I have no charges as of two months ago) when they favor ares the report and ended up in jail I almost lost my lifeThey spoke of an nwarrented transfer the two men outside my cell hoping their superior would allow them to do the strip search while I believed I was going to die. I was later told I was very lucky to be alive them not having had it me In ICU where they would have thoug then they wouldn’t have the opportunity to falsely transfer me as they would discuss after every false arrestI have been proclaimed by the state as disabled due to the very conditions caused by four years of being terrorizedThen my attorney disappear d five months ago despite three professionals attempting to seek him out. He is no where to be foundHe wasn’t present to withdraw as my precious attorney No one knows where he is or why is has disappeared He is a reputable attorney in NHLast year after three years of ongoing harassment and misconduct I was falsely incarcerated for eleven days then credited them bc Doug my fiancé went through the Supreme Court to speak with an investigatorOne day later he was pulled over by a state trooper who remained unidentifiable by spotlight and simply saidShut up or you’ll end up like herThis means the innumerable officers from state, local and federal agencies are the ones who are responsible the state police having been directed t falsify a deadly police report under again the agents direction or some superiors. Despite being rear ended at 85mph according to PD ON THR scene no one then answer r our falls and despite it being black and white the flimsy two page report stated he had no contributing actionThey falsified the report for a reasonThe State police would not do this unless instructed from above.This agent is dangerous and I believe nearly had me killed before a trial that was sprung on me after I called the concord system and they said I had nothing pendingONLY WITHIN THAT court system was my case meaning it could be erased of it as I could be with a click and wot be in the state system I’m very frightened of more false incrimination it another false arrest n which I do not get outFrom what that trooper said it sounded as though he believed there I would stay And whileThere they attempted many forms of provocation but my shock and withdrawal from prescribed less kept me huddled in a corner wide eyes and unresponsiveAgain they had nothingAll statements herein be provenAgain so isn’t something i could simply report to the very authorities who were directly involvedPlease understand instead of admit he had VIOLATED EVERY HUMAN RIGHT AND TREATED ME AS AN ENEMY COMBATANT THROUGH I WAS IN ALL WAYS INNOCENT, he did clean up and over time More and more police departments became involved as now has the state, their believe in their immunity not threatened by taking action when directed by an agentBut when that agent is a felon who is guilty of innumerable human rights violations and conspiring, defamation, malfesceance, solicitation and many others, they are conspiring as well and perhaps they found that outI am thereby a threat to many people in EFFECT OF THE TRUTH OF THEIR CRIMES BEING EXPOSED AS OPPOSED T MY BEING SILENCEDI have very reputable people who can validate what I here writeAgain I obtained every origina report from every entry involved It is a very dangerous situation that only the DOJ can help me with as from what was said to my fiancé it was obvious I was incarcerated so I’d be a number behind bars with a crazy story as opposed a reputable member of society whose word may be taken as credible Dozens of local state and federal agents conspired and those entities are not safe to disclose any of this tooI made a lot public by social media for means of self protectionAgain please reconsiderAs the options you’ve advised me on aren’t possibleAnd this is very serious as has been verified by several professionals I was even put under protection or told to relocate after last yearDespite over nine malicious prosecutions I walked from every one and my ussearch said two months ago that there was nothingNot even a charge

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015, Lamphere, Lisa <> wrote:
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Special Agent Assmus

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