Take away everyone’s devices all internet cable &!phones etc during this time and THEN WATCH WHAT HAPPENS


We are no longer connected. Not even at home, not to our pets. We do not even realize when we get a new puppy how our eyes, once ready and eager to catch their new friends eyes, are instead glued to a technological device or all Too ready to. And there is something vital that we have forgotten. That we, as animals, need a level of connection that isn’t possible when we are all too ready (the younger generation LITERALLY CONDITIONED) to dismiss our attention from reality to Instead engage in an alternate reality, where our apps and what we do with them, whom we text when and what; seems to be the only thing within our control. Perhaps that is why there is not only such a desire but it has turned obsessive. The need to control has been exploited by these technologies. But what we do try and control ends up controlling us: as well as getting us virtually (pun intended) nowhere. Perhaps if we had extended such time to the actuality surrounding our vitality? We would have snagged in connections, done things and felt far more connected having looked other directly in the eyes. Even a diversion from conversation or interaction with a new animal disrupts the natural balance that would be. We conveniently undermine the meaning of connectivity and forego intimacy. We justify the lack of it in our lives by telling ourselves and others we didn’t want it near us anyway: we didn’t trust. And why would we in a world that has forgotten that humanity & connection is undermined by technological advances not heightened by them. Actually connecting with another nothing to do with technology but instead to do with the energies of the persons involved on a personal direct level. And Nothing will be a replacement for that, nothing will give another the same gratification , memories, richness of life. We are humans; social beings whom have evolved Because of their need for each other, to stick together , physically. No one would have survived or been in any way content with the rules of our society. Think of it. Take away technology at this time/ at this time of COVIS. Take away cable and TV internet and all metric of devices and see how Americans do. Because they’ve become so obsessed with these devices they’ve become controlled By them. But we, suddenly feeling alone and empty, remember what we too easily forget; that at the end of the day we all need that closeness to survive especially when suffering chronic illness. Technology presupposes it exceeds communication its ability to interact more readily and widely. It takes the excitement and anticipation out of personal meetings, long ago friends once again meeting: and nothing will rake the place of that exchange occurring in person. Because that is how God made us: and now we claim to be God and remake the rules. We do not govern God or assume we know more than He does. So how he made us to thrive, connections with animals to blossom? We do not say we know better. Because we don’t. And there is no replacement. Julie Assmus

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