Elements explained

Mental state (mens rea): Mens rea refers to the crime’s mental elements, specifically those associated with the defendant’s intent; the criminal act must be voluntary or purposeful. Mens rea is almost always a necessary component in order to prove that a criminal act has been committed.

THE YEAR BEFORE THE JUDGE OFFICIALLY RULED ME AS HAVING BEEN FALSELY INCARCERATED. And the AG AND IG have become involved in several instances, some at my request. Also in effect of the ongoing misconduct PRIOR TO THE PREMEDITATED ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE THE YEAR THEREAFTER. With the false incarceration, with all the physical and other needed evidence to prove it occurred other than it was subsequently falsified in the report to cover the misconduct . Or felony 1.

Conduct; (actus reus): Actus reus is required for all crimes. That is, a criminal act (or unlawful omission of act) must have occurred. Basically, this means you can’t be punished for thinking criminal thoughts if you’ve never acted on them.

I’ll simply say…WHEN I INQUIRED ABOUT THE REOORT THE YEAR AFTER I Received A GENEROUS AMOUNT OF CALLS from the state PS (still have them as I do ALL ORIGINAL REPORTS AND RECORDS) OFFERING INFORMATION BUT NOW , not a peep. Why would that be? Had I filed with a record they’d spiked with false allegations my truths wouldn’t be viewed twice but now it would be. So they say? TBC….below

Concurrence: Mens rea and actus reus must occur at the same time; the criminal intent must precede or exist at the same moment the criminal act occurs. For criminal liability to occur, there must be either overt and voluntary action.

What happened to me could not have been more deliberate or carefully planned. To the T. So VERY OVERT. VERY VOLUNTARY. And the intent not only proceeded the hit? It was planned well in advance if it. ITS THE SYSTEMATIC PROCESS USED FOR ANY MAJOR LIABILITY OR ONES WHOSE TRUTHFUL ALLEGATIONS COULD PROVE DAMAGING TO THE FEDS AND STATE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TIME TAKEN, trauma, damages and now DEFAMATION. I PLANNED TO MOVE ON BUT TVEY KEEO IT Up. The fact they tried to cover it up while it can be proven as it was initially investigated? AS TGE SOLICITED ATTEMPTED MYRDER IT WAS..GOOD LUCK

Causation: Many crimes include an element where actual harm must occur. For example, homicide requires a killing, and aggravated battery requires serious bodily injury — without those respective outcomes, the crimes could not have actually been committed.

WELL as DHMC CAN tell you if the harm. Or the reports and medical records now that I finally got proper medical help, disabled as the lies prevented me from getting it sooner, can speak for themselves .

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