Cover letter for a deputy job with Rockingham; half in , half out; please read

I’ve survived enough now to  know it’s not up to man when I go. if that were so I’d have been dead a long time ago

Due to certain life experience I have a lot of knowledge of law and excellent with people, worked with them for years prior to getting a Master’s in Ed at KSU then attending the KSU Peace academy though never finished. ( See note A1. below)

Due to circumstances only acknowledged by those who partake, there’s the fact that I want to work in corrections as nothing else is stimulating enough after what j lived through/ and I know I’d be good at it. I’m Fearless, Forthright and Certain. No one intimidates me and I say that because I know it’s not up to anyone other than God when my time is go. Were It any other way, I wouldn’t be alive: no way. No on Because we are all the same and the reason they are there and we put here is in large part circumstantial not character though you have your crop of personality disordered sociopaths. But the percentage is small/ so then the others? Same needs and wants as the rest of us

A new take

A couple of issues I hope to not make me not eligible as neither, by law at least, should.
A1. Lastly I’ll mention what I shouldn’t need to based on calling in a prescription to not seizure prior a psych appointment in which I requested I get off everything including the same drug he offered as a taper that I had called the week Before and requested the INTENT WAS NOT CRIMINAL but medical AND these facts can easily be substantiated I say this as I do not want those ten charges to hold me back when A. It’s been over ten years ANd they should NOT EVEN BE ON RECORD & B. The INTENT WASNT CRIMINAL. It didn’t meet the criteria for a crime by definition. There were four elements none of which were met yet I was charged for each time it was called in legit. The subsequent charges are miscellaneous. I am the furthest thing from a criminal, doing nothing but keeping to myself, my writing, animals, writing and other hobbies that do not harm myself or anyone.

Having fun with changing photo size
Docks Rock

THEN…There is part of me that thinks applying isn’t a good idea as it’s to the same entity that violated my rights grievously in 2011, at Rockingham Jail, September, Officer Goard, 2k bail for a Misdemeanor. Because the officer falsified the report. He having been solicited meets all criteria for having committed major felonious crimes and rights violations Z . So do I file, now as credible as I actually am or do I put it behind me and let you know I only survived what I did because strengths & knowledge of law that would make me a very handy asset as a deputy without question.Z But please know most would have filed and win damages and I hope I do not choose to do that instead though you UNDERSTAND MY POSITION.
Respect will BE SHOWN FOR THE DAMAGES To my life to my brain to my chances opportunity relationships… it will whether by letting me be who I need and can or filing an ADA And complaint with the AG AND IG as the feds were involved Or maybe the major crimes unit with state police. Then in 2015 you realize that accident was originally investigated as it was?
One way or another whether it be to give me a shot whiter I truly want and can thrive or I’ll be resentful like anyone who was severely hurt in effect of the actions of the ones who disrespect the same person they nearly killedS and NO ONE would fault me for that
So one or the other
It’s time
Thank you for your attention
(If I said nothing instead would THAT have HELPED ME OUT?!?!?)
Julie Assmus

Old to new

A sample of writing from a whiles ago

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