Four Elements to prove a crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt

And sitting fearing the next one incurred upon my person by the very ppl meant to service and protect is Not one of them!!

Mental state (mens rea): Mens rea refers to the crime’s mental elements, specifically those associated with the defendant’s intent; the criminal act must be voluntary or purposeful. Mens rea is almost always a necessary component in order to prove that a criminal act has been committed.

Conduct (actus reus): Actus reus is required for all crimes. That is, a criminal act (or unlawful omission of act) must have occurred. Basically, this means you can’t be punished for thinking criminal thoughts if you’ve never acted on them.

Concurrence: Mens rea and actus reus must occur at the same time; the criminal intent must precede or exist at the same moment the criminal act occurs. For criminal liability to occur, there must be either overt and voluntary action.

Causation: Many crimes include an element where actual harm must occur. For example, homicide requires a killing, and aggravated battery requires serious bodily injury — without those respective outcomes, the crimes could not have actually been committed.

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