Written 6 years ago

Behind bars there are two types of rules, prison protocol and convict code. To survive one, you often have to break the other. That is what happens and perpetuates the criminality amoung the population
If, however, one can argue that neither a prisoner nor correction officer is ultimately a good or bad human being as any evolved person would be inclined to argue, then why is prison so horrific a place.l Why is the punishment, while often fit for the crime, not fit for the actual intention behind it? Unless we are solely what our condct and reactions consist of rather than the actual intention, love or hate, behind them, than the system is unfair, those within the abyss of it, driven to more criminality by becoming a product of it. Most were not criminals when they entered in the sense of initial intent, though are far more lokely to be hardened hearts, and therevy criminals once yhry are released from it. Any person having been perpetually subjeayrd to authoritarian abuse, rape, violence within it are far more likely than efore existing within such an environment to have learned how to adapt to it. In order they engage elsewise upon exit would require they face who they had to become to exist within it. As most persons never fully face themselveson. The outside how do we expect people with far more shame to face their own squarely. To expect those to reconcile who they needed to. Become insidr would be to without. Question expect all addicts be recovered and not in recovery as the reason most can never be recovered is the human can not be expected toalways reconcile fully. Who they were in order to become their better person.
dispropositioned for the actuality of criminality witgib not the prison, but the goverbement who created and continue to feed it. Then further themselves with the funding for each inmate it ensares there

If no one person is ultimately right or wrong, bad or good, then why is our second,largest institution (behind the pharmaceutical industry which lands a large number of offeders In Prison, as does he legalization of alcohol and restiction of healing drugs) a business in which there are two very distinct classes. The officers whose their ‘superior’ in every litetal Move. Not merely every way.
Because the large and in charge, ie. Government, made it so. The government created such an insufferale institution and along with it a corrupt justice system, simultaneous war on drugs with the pumping out Of them, they have created a system by and through a system which essentially Gaurentees many will end up there, in the end.
This is done to differente people from one another in theit minds, but also, ours. Our most powerful and influential groyp of wealthy, power hundry marcissits wh collabore and make, goverement. It is well know the majority if not everyone who endrs the limelight doesnt hate it. In dact perhaps we could go so far as to say they like it
Elsewise seek profession right In It. The grand and utterly terrorizng industry that has the power to delare whose free and whose not, egen under the guise of crimiality thats actually entrapament. We te messafe that blacks are more crimial is not a positive correlation so why does our justice system shape, shake and snakr iny the big house. Had they the wealth and priveldge as many whites, they woyldnt have been the easy target. Governmet was great at keepinh their part in te pertuation very hish hush. Like when they smuggled in the billions of cocaine into poor black neighborgoods. But all the more crefit to the blacks if they haf the funding and support from goveremnt to support millions of overseas crews to and from africa to get the job done. Or would more credit be due
Yet that didnt happrn. Whitrwash and focua on only te result. Media frenzy, our baises already formed. Its that easy.
puppet show. In order to create larger chaos and more bang, bang for their buck and more people to enter the chain gangs. Modern slavery. What other systems then preceeded this and what were Its outcomes?slavery.
Does it do more for the people who end up there and any those of us who don’t? Does it or does it not instill more harm, damage, corrosion, fear and threat. What is its purpose if the above hold true. And who can argue they dont?
I. Government does nothing for equality beyond tout ideology then shit all over it, using their power, control anf wealth to do it. If they were truly a powerful entity where it really matters, theyd need none of these things to be heard. They have us by the balls when they have none. Otherwise why not live amdist us rather than strive to control it. I hear they kinda may like power too, and are thereby drawn to it.
Who the fuck Are these people?? WHY we do what we do is far more telling than what we do and when we have no,choice but to protext ourselves in a horrificly violent environment, does this make us criminal? Rancid heirarchy. Its time for anarchy.

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