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A biopsy of my esophagus, stomach and large intestine was done. I’m severely anemic and they don’t know why. allAny



Douglas Dalke is a danger to society in some way collaborated illegally out of retaliation and to get his record annulled of three DUIs and a stalking Order. As that was on my record due to again his efforts to not have me leave him, (it got very very dangerous) , signed one on the neighbors below the staye used against me in my own HOME ABOVE where I lived with the alleged victim. The one who I had to subsequently get a PD ESCORT TO LEAVE A YEAR LATER , who went to the ER HE was in such distress and who began drinking lost his license then was propositioned by the state. All gone. That job he couldn’t have gotten HIS, IF he made it appear S though behavior that never was continued so annulment wasn’t possible. After Five years. . Have EVERY RIGHT TO STATE THIS HERE and you know it. If you didn’t You would have looked into the fact that he lost all of my things as well as the fact that my cross the X chief of police hacked into my phone and my computer system and that was verified by a detective why were those things further investigated Ha so I have every right to state this year and I will continue putting it here over and over and over every time you take it down every time and I mean every goddamn fucking time. Until what has been taken from me and been invaded legally is investigated I will from Pete Attley post what is true. It is coptied. I all simply continue to paste it. Take it down again and names fo to the attorney general in regards to many many things YOu knew about and didn’t report . Starting with MERNER THEN WILBER a detective whose name I ont disclose who I recorded acknowledge and was hacked. And did… NOTHINGzz how will you all explain . It’s not right. Do something about goddamn Doug DALKE AND HIS LYING TO YOU and I mean now. I get no justice . So do something or I report names and give reconfirmed recordings . ETC. Got it? Good

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I want to let it go but somehow it just keeps wrapping around

Belly boo

My Belly Boo #puppies #free #portsmouth #seacoast #photogaphy