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What did you write your commissioner and report to the OIG tonight.

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 3:06 PM Julia Assmus <> wrote:


First, Hello

My name is Julie Assmus and at This time after this  long, My Case Needs to be heard without question as it involves the federal government and state having made attempts on my freedom and life too many times. And I also file as I have no choice. If it isn’t within certain statutes that is because this isn’t a choice. 

Those Intially responsible for the severe rights violations chose to cover it up and criminalize someone who had just moved back after obtaining two Mastwea degrees from KSU and an internship away deim becoming a MLADC

IT was during all this, these last ten years and how they’ve made me out to be that is 100% the opposite as whom I have been known as. The felony deception in OH was based a need for a seven day supply to get me through to a psych appointment so I would have medical complications. I onky had ten filled. And I was charged ten times for a major felony despite compete lack of criminal intent. I knew it was illegal but desperation and a need to prevent seizures made it something I felt I had no choice but to do. The psych would not help until our first appointment. All I state Dan he backed up by this psychiatrist, Dr Heather and my then girlfriend of seven years. Patricia Young. Both highly credible . So that was my crime among with the mistakes oke makes when they drink. I do not drink anymore. It’s been over fifteen years now.

Anyhow, Due to the constant ongoing harrassment in the wake of a record annulment my ATTORNEY FAILED TO TELL ME COULD HAVE BEEN PETITIONED FOR FOUR YEARS EARLIER s my record was only a false charge EASILY proven as such by the old tiff stating he never filed such a charge . Instead SUSAN LOWRY collaborating wity the state went against me. I had no one so it didn’t all hit me until it had to. The last trial when twice she tried to directly set me up for perjury. 

I have two witnesses who will attest to this. She also tried to sue me sign over my medical records to the state AFTER we won a case directly before the annulment ONLY BECAUSE ID CALLED THE AG THE NIGHT BEFORE. Both false charges were dropped and my record annulled. Now they have committed health insurance fraud to make it appear I was out in a medication indicating I had a problem former I did not. Along with falsified reports on four accidents in which I was BLACK and WHITE REAR ENDED… each time an immigrant. Sorry but true and each time turd to entrap me for hit and run. They calling the PD to say I left the scene though giving no indications they wanted to stop being responsible. But each time thru did, cop came within 30seconds and so would I around the corner unexpected knowing this entrapment and they COULDN’T get the charge but have to falsify the report.

have made it so it’s what I HAVE to do in order to be free from the omiscondict and all those they pay to whitewash a liability like myself.

All I’ve wanted is to move forward with my life after being severely violated gatrasssed defamed discredited falsely incarcerated charged disfigured and now is severely federally disabled. We all gave out stories but mine better nean something if I am to live in Constant FEAR of again being FALSELY PERSECUTED & I DO not deserve that anymore

Not when those who have lied do

Mottled the fraud AJD illegalities including somciied attempt in my life? Why are they still looking for ANYTHING WITH ME WHEN THEIR KWN MAJOR ILLEGALITIES NOT ONLY GO UNNOTED BUT UNREPORTED


I was HANDED DISABILITY IN 2015 signed by the commissioner and all…

Amd I’m left with the disabilities repeatedly betrayed by our system and then I come o find out the person I had trusted and didn’t even tell me that I could file within a YEAR FOR ANNULMENT GIVEN THEY were merely charges

IT ONLY INVOLVES CORRUPT JUDGES< COMMISSIONERS, POLICE OFFICERS, those who have been involved in ongoing misconduct , false incarcerations, and at one point an attempt on my life.

You Ask Why. This is crazy, Why??Because of a 20121WARRENTLESS search and seizure in which all my right. We’re violated for 13 days based on a prayer request they haconvinv my parents to follow through with.

Despite my learning later she was corrupt and had been on the DA sides the whole seven years she alleged she was trying to Get my record of false charges annulled. EVERYONE BETRAYED ME AS IT WAS THE FEDS AND STATE AGAINST ME. I need it to stop. PleasrZ 

But ALl that came later.  My attorney admitted i should not have made it I out of all of that alive. But in the end she collateded with the,. Every one did, They had the power, i had no one., 

Anyhow after the 13 days?? Three weeks later i was in a major car accident in effect of an officier attempting to grab me from my vehicle and my fleeing having been torn from my apartment without warrant only weeks before, I had never fled before. I crashed at 47mph. He put 18 and according to the DHMC neurologist I SHould have died. BRain bleeds thereafter and no one would help me. For years. Because they said if it was that bad the report would reflect that.

While i harbor no bias towards these populations , most especially former the unwarranted warranties search and seizure, I have come to learn that they all will do ANYTHING and everything to cover each other . Had they had it their w2ay i would be behind bars one dead. They tried both several times an 8i hold the direct evidence of it, That is why i report it not, I am scared. They are after me again now that my record is cleared, ‘

I’m Well aware of the gravity of stating falsity to a Supreme Court federal judge but perjury will be the last offense you’ll find,. Below I WILL LOST the major damage done and why, Then in between was non stop surveillance harassment and other antagonism and entrapments, NEVER ENDING




2019; hatrassment began agai 

2020-Today: active attempts to entrap over the last year . four attempts at hut and run. ALLI STATE IS EASILY PROVEN.

. All I state is true and i hold evidence of all of it. Original reports before they could be falsified redacted or dismissed,  of the solicited attempt on my life, witnesses, evidence,  and they are terrified and making my life miserable., I’m federally disabled in effect of their ongoing misconduct. My Body fell apart after the accidents and because they had lied in the reports I never was able to get the proper medical treatment. 

I think it is important that you hear my case as it involves major crimes committed by those we are conditioned to believe are there to help and protect us. I had NO ONE TO HELP ME. I cant go through anymore. They need to STOP attemp[ting to entrap me their last trick was insurance fraud in attempts tp make it appear as though i was just 0ut on a medication i had been on thirteen years implying i had an opiate addiction in the months prior as the PD had no excuse for the falsifications of the report and the fact that though they said i was guilty i was not issued any citations tickets warning or fine. I told the commissioner this and he said he would TAKE CARE OF IT I never heard back though he said he would speak with the officers. They are now after my license after ten years of LITERALLY disabling me and makin it impossible bu Keats of charges EASILY PROVEN FALSE

Susan Lowry was my attorney whom i had thought was loyal and liked me.. She as on the Das and prosecutions side the whole time, and dint even tell me I could petition for an annulment that first year. I was Fully Disabled, didnt know the law and she never told me this, They were only charges easily proven FALSE. SHE had been lying to me the whole time


I have several blogs and was asked to be on the KC armstrong. I spoke about this, Feel free to listen to hear what happened. 

Thank you, 


Julie Assmus

Also I wrote the complaint when I did at a time I’ve tried innumerable times to get ahold of ms. LOWRY REGARDING THE MORBIITY of the circumstances, insurance fraud reasons it. 

My main complaints are fraud thar she engaged in

Not telling me I could have applied for annulment Afyer one year as opposed to have to wait five

And setting me up for perjury and to be left without representation

Not to mention her fraudulent representation the entire time she collaborated with the DA and prosecution. Both of which have done everything ans anything to attempt to keep me from being credible

For someone who never leaves due to sceeee disability ptsd and agoraphobia they can’t get anything. I haven’t heard from her in months despite major illegalities I’ve attempted to report

She has used the information I’ve given her against me the entire time she was my attorney. If this weren’t the case shewouldn’t have tried to set me up twice. That same day

Thereafter she told me to give the civil attorney a release for my medical records which I denied her saying it was negligible given we won the criminal…

To this day I still haven’t reverted the most recent falsflfied PD reports from Portsmouth Pd. 

Ms. Lowry, will use my ptsd acting out by words because I was learning the reality and that the entire time the only person I thought I could trust betrayed me…. use my fearful words words of justified anger disability and ocd as an excuse for not responding when she had a legal obligation to and KNEW ME AND HOW I GOT TRIGGERED 


She knows me very well and knew she need onky contact me to tell me what I suspected wasjt true but as I started the abofs she couldn’t give me that reassurance

It’s been another nightmare

She is guilty of fraud and so many other federal offenses IN DIRECT CONJUNCTION WITH THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHOM HAVE A LOT TO HIDE. I’ll send an attachment that will help explain why. 

IM FEDERlly disabled by law

I was HANDED DISABILITY IN 2015 signed by the commissioner and all…

I hold evidence beyond a reasonable doubt the state made an attempt in my life thst same year proceeding 





Direct statement

Conflicting reports with insurance and all the above

They want me silenced

Susan also pled in writing she would never take against me/ akways ve my attorney. Why say that If she didn’t mean it

To be sure I’d be without representation when they got a warrant? Again I’ll send the other email which explains contact and WHY she would do what she did. 

Amd I’m left with the disabilities repeatedly betrayed by our system and then I come o find out the person I had trusted and didn’t even tell me that I could file within a YEAR FOR ANNULMENT GIVEN THEY were merely charges

But that was just to start . She collaborated and used collected information against me: divulging to the DA what she never should have. I can’t directly prove this indiscretion other than to say she wasn’t on my side and took her time to ensure I was credible and able to work. Only again to collaborate with another entrapement

When. Called this to the attention of the Nh attorney general the night before the hearing all charges were dropped yet she then proceeded in front of several credible witnesses 

Again strong strong motive

This isn’t paranoia 

I’ve been asked to he on radioshows to share my story

it happened 


After this she told me I should have over my medical documents to the civil attorney which made no sense given the charges were dropped on the criminal end


TAKING MY LICENSE WOULD YIELD ME COMPLETELY HELPLESS AND I wasn’t responsible for what the officers falsified and won’t release to another attorney I’ve asked to look into it, myself or my father AJD it’s been over a month 

Again Susan Lowry is ub on it and despite my having an email from her in which she directly states I will always be your attorney no matter what

She doesn’t and hasn’t responded

For months

Make that a year at this point

I realize now I truly was being and trying to leave me UNPREPARED without any representation

Just ask her why she would make this statement to me only to never answer my calls

IVE INFORMED HER OF RECENT HEALTH INSURANCE DRAUD to make it appear I just got ona medication THAT indicates I had an opiate issue when I did NOT


Now I’m in A position in which they are trying to buy means of insurance rod convince a charge that I had an issue where I didn’t so that they can get away with the falsified reports and claiming I was responsible

It was by means of insurance fraud tbey accomplished tbis

An UNNEEDED AND DEMANDED OF MY PROVIDER PRE- AUTH for a med I’ve been on for 16 years

Made it appear as though I had an issue months proceeding when I was rear ended each time


Stating after the trial in which both charges were dropped maybe I’ll see you again under better circumstances

Ask her why she said this

I’m sorry but she never reported any of the horrific illegalities and I let her get away with it but all this and her directly trying to set me up? Ask her why she told me to say I was in the left lane? And if she denies this there were three credible witnesses to say she is 

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Special Agent Assmus

On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 10:19 PM Julie Assmus <> wrote:


On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 9:33 PM Julie Assmus <> wrote:
This is in regards to the Feds and state committing health insurance fraud (second time; first one reported and the states decision appealed based in the evidence i submitted proving the fraud) in order to defame … make it appear to a judge as though I had an opiate issue at a time I did notMy provider is or was at New England Medicine and Counseling, whom I’ve had very amenable relationship with for seven years \^||meaning they having signed off on a WARRANTLESS search and seizure felt perhaps responsible?!?

🤷‍♀️ suddenly ADNAN KHAN took over the day of what would be our last appointment, was excessively abusive and in hindsight I now see was setting me up in alliance with the state to make it appear as though I had a habit I never did in months prior or life. Together with using my reaction to his abuse as an excuse to end treatment, he also has deliberately made it so the to do is DANGEROUS FOR SOMEONE WITH MY FEDERAL DISABILITIES I have the official letter stating I was on the suboxone for atypical TX resistant depression.

The Feds and state have issued falsified documents and statements on everything from accidents to the actuality of my personal to the context of any and all past charges and the reason for them: MY ATTORNEY DIDNT TELL ME I COULD APPEAL MERE CHARGES WITHIN A YEAR. I trusted her and waited the five for her to try and set me up in compliance …:

At first I wrote
I tried to submit a co playing with the OIG and the website was not working
Again major state insurance fraud has been committed in effect of the DEA And state having given false information to my provider of seven years. I am not against heroin addicts but I have documents whuch confirm I was out on it for atypical RX reisistsnt depression
Here’s the thing he called ij a NEW RX FOR THE SAME NUMBER I could have simply picked up in that
IF THEY CAN SHOW THAT I ALLEGEDLY HAD AN ISSUE WITH DRUGS? Those four times I was rear ended to MY DETRIMENT in attempts to entrap me in a hit and run (they’d then pull over quickly and a cop would be right there then I’d appear unexpectedly -!; given it was black and white her fault and she hadn’t Indicated she wanted to putt over most would keep going I knew this truck
They’ve wanted my license

The fraud I speak of is the fact they told my provider to CALL IN AN UNNECESSARY pre -AUTHORIZATION IN ORDER TO TRY AND make it appear or just gotten on a medication meant to help those with addiction though I was out on it for other reasons as are many…

Truth is I’ve been clean for over thirteen years Though am now severely disabled but this is not abobt that… the first time insurance fraud was ruled After I reported it time was because the state had attempted to cover their ass … and the a hospital they were collaborating w stated I didn’t have a lesion I did on my liver so I would’ve have a shins mri opinion coveredI had to submit evidence to prove otherwise and it was overturnedI can easily do the same in this caseThat there was no reason other than defamation for him to do it the way he did…I quarter cut me off completely thereafter without legal reason .

I was told to pre-authorize the last RX before he cut me off. I have a copy of his letter in my carHe did not have one good reason Cited personal disagreements though we had been great for seven yearsMade no sense sage the timing Please see belowThey are still up to it after 11 yearsIt won’t end unless there is formal closure somehow Js given I’m disbaled in effect of their actions (I have a letter signed by the New Hampshire commissioner that gave it to me after the 2015; kinda of acknowledging oops) I think that is fair … I want this to end and for them to know I won’t spend the rest of my life trying to protect myselfAlso i’ve gotten letters from everywhere from my bank to my phone company saying that I need to change all my numbers due to suspected identityAlso all my accounts have recently been hacked but that’s been going on for a year since the ex chief of police Mike Frost befriended me in the recovery program and got into my phone then laptop …anyway please see belowJulie Assmus
On Fri, May 14, 2021 at 9:23 PM Who Else <> wrote:

for whay I can easily prove I wasn’t responsible forMy insurance will tell you . So will lack of issuing any tickets I bought that to the attention of the Portsmouth Pd commissioner and he said he would ‘fix ThT’ but I never heard back. He also said he would speak with the officers who took the others report , never mine; even though I had been bashed… not a word not even to an attorney 

THEY only need to prove somehow I was associated with what I wasn’t which they’ll try and prove by the insurance which will reflect their lies and say to any judge oh looks like she had a problem/ please help

i can handle more of this . I’ll die if they Altair my ifjese whej I’m already crippled for what I Didjt so after all I’ve been though !+ one could handle thstZ NO ONE.. I’m 43 sober for 15 years now. 

It is based on no evidence no facts
I’ve only tried to get through my days mu HR filling as low as 38 at night
Seveeely federally disabled
Not playing victim but it’s changed my life
I’ve lost well everything AJD the lies and defamation and inability to work has taken so much from me
Now they want more
Please let me be very clear

pbn radio called and asked me to tell it
I want to move on
But the state won’t let me
Surveillance etc they are terrified I’ll prove they did what they did in 2015
The solicited attempt on my life
The fact my attorney knew all this and didn’t report
they couldn’t have had greater motive having falsely incarcerated me the year before and using all the systematic ways to whitewash a liability like me who has a case of federal ferocity against the state. (Attempted solicited murder which was made to appear in the report as an accident despite my easily being able to prove Deliberacy, motive, opportunity, and all else. And they know it. And they are pushing it. The day after the accident I was sternly asked who would want me hurt and I said GARY DECKER LEAD AGENT OF THE WARRANTLESS SEARCH AND SEIZURE IN WHICH THEY couldn’t have been more wrong

it being ruled as SUCH to be slapped back on and defame me where I moved
And they keep it up
Using MIKE FROST who was the chief of PD when there was the WARRENTLESS SEARCH AND SEIZURE of my person for 13 days
And I sought no retribution

im just not like thatBut they kept coming at me AJD are again and I realized using health insurance to discredit having lied not that one tike but now twice likely more that I don’t known

I was in shock then the solicited officer three weeks later..:’and when he didn’t succeed I actually have
So I wasn’t trying to out someone. But a week after the first part of the five part series aired? My provider was approached

THIS all started after the search and seizure and they have corn After me against since the annulment and I do Not know whether doing a show with KC Armstrong was helpful. But I got the word out to millions. It was a week after that i was cut and expected now to taper in a month? What I’ve told with the severity of my epilepsy anemia heart issues kidney and liver failure (not being dramatic unfortunately…) I don’t think my body will hold up for it
I have two Solid Masters Degrees and would love to go out ij the world and use them
They sabotage every time and have for years
I’m broken physically mentally and emotionally
Without an ability to get anywhere when I have appointments at DHMC for all my co futons and no connections yet would leave me compete without means and stranded
And they are dead set on it
On those Three accidents in which I was rear ended … each time I was never issued a ticket or citation a court date there was no fine there was nothing no mention and my insurance rates do not reflect their lies
Please help me before they are successful in their insurance fraud and then trying to convince a judge that I was in a state that I wasn’t in months prior. All agreed it made no sense he did that that way… now it does

Thank you for all your help
You have been a life saver
I feel I can count on you
I’ve lost 10 years of my life already I can’t lose the ability a chance to go to work and drive and live my life THAT was taken for so long. Defamation kept me from working despite the fact that they were off all Sturgis and my attorney actually also collaborated and tried to set me up several times
The night after I had called you and the two charges were dropped she tried to set me up for perjury by having me a ledge to the judge the opposite of what I said interest to prosecution the night before
that’ll kill me I’m sorry I’ve had enough

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Julie Assmus. P.I.

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